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The Europe Statement 

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Hear Gods voice; There is a desperate need for revival in Europe, and you are the one determined to fulfil his mission. Listen to the voice of one Crying... prepare the way of the Lord. Take your place in the army, God need you for this our and your mission is, to preach the full gospel to all creation.

All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go therefore, and teach all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen

Why Cry

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It is the responsibility of the Church to preach God’s message into this world. If the Church don’t cry no other in this world will do it. If we don’t preach we will be guilty for lack of love, because we are given the mission. We are Gods people and if we choose to be his, we fulfil Gods commandment with joy.

We live in a dying world..

This world suffers under the pressure of evil. Because Europe is ignorant for the message about sin and salvation, Europe has started its journey into more sin and worship of the flesh. The fruit of this will be that all kind of evil, suffering and death will grow rapidly into all part of the European society.

The tragedy is that millions of Europeans are on their way to hell, and they don’t know it. They are ignorant of the reality of life and death. What’s even more tragic is that the members of Gods Church are ignorant to, they don’t care about telling others the good news about Jesus Christ.

What to Cry

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It is a privilege to announce the only message that can save this world, and it is a honour for you as a creation to receive this message. This is the way to salvation, and the only truth about life.

 The Gospel of Jesus Christ

about Sin, Soul, Salvation.

 God will bless you

with anointing and the Holy Spirit

 Touch my heart

He saved my soul, changed my mind, healed my body, and gave me a new eternal life...

the War Cry

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We want an awakening of the Church into life, vigour and strength. The Church has to be touched by Gods mercy. Rev. 3,15-21


We want a restitution of all that is taken away or lost. A return into the original and unimpaired condition of the Church. The church has to rediscover Gods power and truth. Joel 2,25 Acts 2


We want to expose all that is wrong and corrupt, and change the church into a better state, and abandon all evil ways of life. The Church has to practise Gods love and purity, by telling the world about the God holyness. Matt. 25,41-46 1.Tim 6,11-14


We want a radical and complete change of our society and social system. The church has to take back the pride of Gods message and preach boldly into every layer of our society. Matt 5,13-15 Rom 1,16 Jer 51,27-33

How to cry

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We believe that if you want to change a nation, you must do it by changing all the individual. It is not the leaders that change this world, but the individuals of the church. If the members start working they will change our world in no time.

The leader’s responsibility is to organise and give the workers for the coming of God’s kingdom ammunitions and refill of knowledge and power. It is also the leaders responsibility to guard the troop, and to teach them how to survive through times off distress. A leaders focus in life should not be personal success but that all around him shall be successful. The good shepherd give his life for the sheep. Matt 20:26 John 10,11

If you want to change this world and fulfil Gods mission notice this; you have to be revived yourselves before you try to wake up the rest of the world. You can not lead any people further than you have come yourselves Matt 10,24. The sign of a personal revival is; faith, sacrifice, obedience and Gods compassion, if you let these things be the sign of your life you will change the world around you. Matt 10


Faith is basically two things: It is to know God and to trust in him.

To know God

Hebrew 11,1 say that faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

It is important for you to know who God is, and his will for you.

To trust God

with all your heart


Pray for Revival in Europe. Because God wants a revival in Europe. Pray for revival in Europe. He has died for all Europeans and none of them is out of Gods plan for salvation. John 3,16 Matt 28

If you have problem with praying, and to concentrate in your praying, there is only one answer: You don’t believe in prayers, and you are not desperate enough, you haven’t understand the reality off this fall of man. Matt 21,21-22

If you had known God, and really believed in Him you would pray every minute of your day. If you had known the affect of your praying you would pray ten times more than you talk, ten times more than you spend on nothing. If you really had known the reality of heaven and hell you would have cried to God for a revival. If you had got just a tiny part of Gods passion for Europe you would prayed, and prayed, and started doing Gods good work for your continent. Matt 6,7-13; 6,25-34; 7,7-11 John 15,1-8; 16,23-24 Luke 11,1-13


If you want the kingdom of God inhabit you, and your family, and your city, you get to let God have influence in your daily life. Let your life be a living sacrifice, and make your daily life express worship and service for your Lord and Saviour. Rom 12,1 Luke 14,26-34 John 4,23-24 and 34

There is a desperate need for Christians who sacrifice unto their Lord. If all Gods people had made their life a living sacrifice, there would be a revival in his church. If all Gods people had a worshipping and sacrificing lifestyle, God’s ambitions and Life would flow out to his people, and there would then be less talk about each other and more talk about God and how to share God to our nations. Luke 21,34-36

If you have problems with your work, and with your Christian life and with your Christian brethren there is probably a fundamental lack of sacrifice in your life. You are probably not doing good works because you are saved, but you are doing good works because you want to satisfy the Lord.

You shall do your good works because you ARE saved, not to be saved. Let Gods mercy satisfy your soul and your distress will disappear. If you let your life be a living sacrifice freely given, and with joy, your service will be well done.

If you had known what sacrifice could do in your life you would have made sacrifice unto your fundamental lifestyle. God can only make use of what you have given to him. If your only sacrifice is response to an altar call once a year, then there is the reason for your laborious Christian life, if your life is filled with sacrifice your life will be fuelled by Gods life, and then you will see the promises in the Bible realised. Matt 10,37-39 and 16,24-27 and 18,3 Luk 9,23-27

Patience and preparation

Never Give up

For we walk by faith not by sight. 2 kor 5,7

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