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THE MINISTRY OF JESUS PART 4blueline.gif (2626 bytes)

Scriptures: I John 3:8; Luke 4:18-21; II Cor. 4:4; Acts 10:38; Gen. 1:26; Rom. 6:23; Rom. 8: 1-2
  1. The six-fold ministry of Jesus was to destroy the six-fold areas of Satan. One aspect of Jesus' ministry was to preach the release of the captives. The god of this world, Satan, has blinded the minds of the unbeliever so they can't get the gospel. However, Jesus was sent to preach the gospel. We can see clearly, they can't. We have authority over this blindness and we can speak to it and tell it to lift. We must pray for the lost, so that the mist from their eyes is lifted. When they see Jesus they will declare Him Lord. I John 3:8, Luke 4:18-21, II Cor. 4:4
  2. Jesus was God, but operated as the Son of man anointed by the Holy Ghost. Anointed means to be smeared, to be rubbed all over. Jesus went about doing good. Christians should go about doing good—giving to the poor, visiting the sick and helping others. He is our example. Acts 10:38
  3. The first captives were Adam and Eve. They were the gods of this world (Gen. 1:26), given dominion, to rule and reign, over everything in earth. Satan took dominion by trickery and they became captives of the devil, sin and the ramifications of death. Then, Adam died spiritually. Spiritual death is two-fold: to be separated from God and having Satan's nature.
  4. The law of sin and death is the master law over the earth and everyone born in the earth is born under the law of sin and death. Everything today (sickness, depression, fear, sin, divorce, etc.) is all a result of the law of sin and death. Jesus came to proclaim to those who are bound, if you receive me, you are not bound anymore. Rom. 8:1-2
  5. The second law is the law of the Spirit of life. The law of life in Christ Jesus is a higher law than the law of sin and death. There is no condemnation (judgment) to us, not if we're in Christ. Here is the qualifier: ". . .who walk not after the flesh," those who are not following the dictates of their bodies and minds. Jesus gives us a higher law to lift us up to a higher power---God's power and ability through the anointing. The law of life has made us free; free means loosed, delivered and released from the law of sin and death. We are not ordinary people, but containers, filled with the power of God. Now that we are no longer captives, we are to preach deliverance to our families and demonstrate His anointing. So get your courage up; put your war clothes on. The war cry is praise! Rom. 8:1-2


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